Nevertheless – Thy Will Be Done

This song is an Alpha & Omega original!  One Sunday between Praise & Worship and as Pastor Prince was coming forward to deliver the Word, the Holy Spirit began to move on her and the phrase she keep repeating was ‘Nevertheless” over and over.  We may have issues in our lives but… Nevertheless Thy Will Be done… No matter what we are going through we can still bless God because “Nevertheless… Nevertheless… Nevertheless we CAN pray!   As the musicians continued to play the Spirit just began to minister through this very simple melody.


Basic Lyrics: (but feel free to add your own)


I’m Standing In Your Presence With Tears On My Face
Looking For A Place Of Refuge, Searching For The Words To Say
But With A Broken Spirit And A Contrite Heart
I’m Making My Request To You
I’ve Been Looking For Answers In All The Wrong Places
Don’t Know Where To Turn Or What To Do… But
Nevertheless Thy Will Be Done
Nevertheless I Pray
Nevertheless Thy Will Be Done
Come Into My Heart Today
Nevertheless… Nevertheless… Nevertheless I Pray
Nevertheless… Nevertheless… Come Into My Heart Today