Church History

Alpha and Omega CWC History

On 5 May 2004, sixteen faithful bible study attendees, bound together by pain and despair as well as an undying trust, hope and faith in Jesus Christ, answered God’s call to unite and form a new branch to the body of believers. After much prayer and meditation, the name Alpha and Omega Christian Worship Center (CWC) was selected and this newly born ministry was established in the home of Pastors Kelvin and Charlotte Franklin.

 The Holy Spirit gave Pastor Franklin a vision to establish a new-testament church operating in accordance with the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ and the Apostles as demonstrated in the book of Acts and throughout the New Testament. The church was organized using a simple “God-Centered” or Theocratic style of leadership where the Holy Spirit reigns supreme.  

 The initial organizational structure included a Board of Directors, Finance Committee and Secretary. Organizing members were Elder Kelvin Franklin, Evangelist Charlotte Franklin, Minister Linda McBride, Deacon William Watson and family; Shalanda, Christina and Kelvin Franklin II; Bernard Purdie, Kim Douglas, Tiffany Bowden, Kimberley Hichenbotham, William and Anete Williams; Saleem Hunter, Dorothy Blizzard, the Tundidor family; Alton and Marta Hampton, and Casey Dodds.

Alpha and Omega witnessed some memorable firsts during the inaugural year as several members accepted their callings into the Ministry. Our most significant accomplishment was the growth and newness of life experienced by our members, individually and collectively. Members became avid bible readers and attendance grew at bible studies and worship services. They grew spiritually through a total reliance on Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Ghost. Men and women’s fellowships, praise, worship and music ministries were established and flourished.

This ministry has experienced several changes have over the years. Kelvin and Charlotte Franklin were ordained Apostle and Prophetess under the leadership of God’s Power Ministry International of Austin, Texas in 2012. In 2013 Danielle Prince, Abraham and Lesia Sylcott, Kim Douglas and Mark Baker were ordained as Elders under God’s Power International. Kisha Thompson, Shalanda Franklin, Winifred Jackson and Larry Watlington were consecrated as Praise Leaders. Larry Watlington was also ordained as a Teacher while Ms Sandi Mills was consecrated Mother of the Church. In that same year Elder Prince was appointed as the pastor.

Since our inception we have met in various locations and facilities to worship, to include Apostle Franklin’s home, the Hampton’s home, as well as Holiday Inn and Point Plaza Suites. We moved into our present location at 1110 39th Street, Newport News in August of 2005. Our Board of Directors, worship locations and membership may have changed over the years, but Alpha and Omega continually strives to meet the mandate of perfecting and equipping the saints in accordance with Ephesians 4:11-16.

On the behalf of the leaders and members of Alpha and Omega Christian Worship Center, we say “Thank You” to all who have come to celebrate and give thanks to God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost for the grace and strength to not only survive 10 years but grow since the birth of this ministry. God Bless you!