Vocal Exercises and Training

Let Everything that has BREATH praise the Lord!  (Psalms 150:6).

If we have breath to praise, then breathing is an important aspect to singing God Praises.

Diaphragmatic breathing, abdominal breathing, belly breathing or deep breathing is breathing that is done by contracting the diaphragm, a muscle located horizontally between the chest cavity and stomach cavity. Air enters the lungs and the belly expands during this type of breathing.


Likewise, proper warm up and training is essential to improving your ability to minister and prophesy in song.  Here are a couple of recorded tracks for two vocal exercises.

Exercise 1.

Sing “Ah.. Ah” up and down the scale ( this track starts in the key of Bb and goes up a full octave).  Be sure to open up your lips and force the air out of your lungs with the diaphragm.



Exercise 2.

Use this pentatonic progression to sing the vowels (A.E.I.O.U) across the full range. Singing the individual vowels will help with pronunciation and clarity.

After singing the vowels, lets add the various Names of God..

El Shaddai – I,O,U
Elohim – I,O,U
Jehovah Nissi – I,O,U
Jehovah Rapha – I,O,U
… add your own personal names of God and end with I,O,U