Buffet or Potluck… What is Your Approach to Ministry?

Malachi 1:6-14

In the areas you serve in your church, people may have a Buffet mentality. They already feel good about themselves for volunteering for something, and for even showing up. But they show up for what they get, not for what they give. And they do not want to grow out of their comfort zone–don’t you try to make them grow, no!  And some do not want to see others grow, because they may be threatened by that.  Notice that with the Buffet mentality, it is all about “Me.”  This is not conducive to true service to the Lord.  Instead, we should adopt a “Potluck” mentality, which is more about what we bring to the table, and about encouraging others to grow in what they bring.  This will bless others, please God, and help you to grow in your spiritual walk.

Buffet – (Me…Me…Me!) It’s about what I get.  What I want, what I don’t want, I’ll have just a little of that but I don’t want to do that.  I show up and get fed, but don’t ask me to help in the kitchen. If I feel comfortable doing something, I will tell you.

Potluck – (We and others) It’s about what we bring, that will in turn bless others.  Everyone brings something, everyone contributes, no one person brings all the meat (does too much). Everyone is given a chance to see what they “make” best. Someone may find they are not good at making desserts but make fantastic chili. But if you always bring chili, you may never find out that God has blessed you with other gifts. Reach out and try to bring something that is outside your comfort zone. And give everyone a chance to do this; don’t make assumptions that “Joe Bob can’t make desserts!”  Maybe Joe Bob has practiced and now can.  Remember: it’s not about YOU!

As Praise & Worship Team members are we showing up ill prepared?  Do we come bringing something constructive to add or to merely to be fed?  If God has called us into this ministry to prophesy in song and music, He will also equip us with the talents, tools and temperance required to fulfill our calling. However, it is still up to us to bring a song… practice the parts… make the investment to grow and become an active leader/participant in Praise and Worship!

Buffets are fast and easy.  Potlucks require more time and commitment.